Why Title Insurance?

The purchase of a property can many times be the largest investment of a lifetime. While a property may be in a great location, the structure in impeccable condition, the most critical piece to a transaction is a clear title that is insured from closing and going into the future. An owner’s title policy would protect you, the purchaser or owner, against the list of catastrophes you see below.


  1. Birth or adoption of children after date of will
  2. Deed of community property recited to be separate property
  3. Deeds by minors
  4. Deeds by persons supposedly single but secretly married
  5. Deeds from persons not competent to handle their affairs.
  6. Deeds to or from defunct corporations
  7. Defective acknowledgements
  8. Easements established through documents by the County
  9. Errors in indexing legal documents by the Court
  10. Errors in tax records (i.e. listing payment against wrong property account)
  11. Falsification of records
  12. Forged deeds, releases, etc.
  13. Inadequate legal descriptions
  14. Instruments executed under fabricated or expired powers of attorney
  15. Marital rights of spouse allegedly, but not legally divorced
  16. Misinterpretation of wills
  17. Mistaken reports furnished from taxing authorities
  18. Mistakes in recording legal documents
  19. Surviving children omitted from a will
  20. Undisclosed or missing heirs

If you are looking to purchase property, let us walk you through the process.  Find out more from one of our professionals how simple it is to protect what could be your most valuable asset.


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